When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970)

Directed by: Val Guest

Stars: Victoria Vetri, Robin Hawdon, Patrick Allen

Language: English

Country: UK

Also known as: Cuando los dinosaurios dominaban la tierra, Als Dinosaurier die Erde beherrschten, Quando os Dinossauros Dominavam a Terra, Çiplak ilâhe, Akita – solens förbannelse, Akita – solens forbandelse, Akita, dinosaurukset tulevat, Cuando los dinosaurios dominaban la Tierra, Dinosaurussen regeerden de Wereld, Gdy dinozaury wladaly swiatem, Gymnoi stin ammo, Quand les dinosaures dominaient le monde, Quando i dinosauri si mordevano la coda

Description: Set in a non-existant past when humans and dinosaurs lived together, a small tribe is struggling to survive by giving a sacrifice of a blond woman to their gods in return for protection from the giant lizards looking to snack on them. Sanna, one of the sacrificial offerings, finds herself on her own when a freak storm interrupts the ceremony. As she searches for a safe haven she encounters hostility from rival tribes and lots of huge and very hungry dinos.



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