Tortured Triple Feature

Featuring 3 flicks: Two Girls For a Madman (1968) , Mr. Mari’s Girls (1967) & Tortured Females (1965) 200mins worth of rape, abuse, drugs, victims & naked girls

Two Girls For a Madman (1968) 78Mins
Description: Two young girls in New York City studying to be ballet dancers are chosen by a crazed sex fiend to be his next victims. He rapes one of them at gunpoint and then proceeds to stalk and terrorize both of them.

Mr. Mari’s Girls (1967) 63Mins
Description: a diverse group of Women in Trouble — ranging from a junkie-model in need of a fix, to a pregnant high-school girl, to a “hard-as-nails” lesbian eager to marry her blind girlfriend — who come to millionaire Mari for help and advice, and stay around for the most malignant catfight ever put on film

Tortured Females (1965) 62Mins
Description: Unaware of the local Hooded Strangler lurking around her door, poor “Helen Doe” decides to visit her aunt but, instead, winds up at the “House of Horror on the hill.” There, she and six other Tortured Females are held by white slavers and persuaded to accept “a glamorous life of easy virtue” through beatings, whippings, and being forced to watch go-go dancers (?!). Worse, adding to the madness is nothing less than — are you ready? — “a half-witted, monkey-chattering, Mongolian hunchback.” Honest.


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