Street Warriors II (1979)

Directed by: José Antonio de la Loma

Stars: Ángel Fernández Franco, Teresa Giménez, Reyes Poveda

Language: English, Spanish (2tracks)

Country: Mexico | Dvdrip

Also known as: Perros callejeros II

Description: This one, rather than the first part concentrates more on the dramatic side of whats behind the delinquents life.Poverty,misery and discrimination can be watched together with prostitution and life behind steel bars.This film is brutal,and has a very explicit look on this reality that society ignores.Like the first its based on a true story. The sound track is great for those who like Rumba, especially the end credits song called `Soy un Perro Callejero`. Its an interesting underground film.Maybe its not the typical American movie but its still a master piece!



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