Nosutoradamusu no daiyogen (1974)

Directed by: Toshio Masuda

Stars: Tetsurô Tanba, Toshio Kurosawa, Kaoru Yumi

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English

Country: Japan | [uncut] Dvdrip

Also known as: Catastrophe 1999: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Catastrophe: 1999, Nostradamus’s Great Prophecies, Prophecies of Nostradamus, The Last Days of Planet Earth

Description: Professor Nishiyama, after studying and interpreting the prophecies of Nostradamus, realizes that the end of the world is at hand. Unfortunately, nobody listens to him until it is too late. As the effects of mankind’s tampering of the earth – radioactive smog clouds, hideously mutated animals, destruction of the ozone layer – rage out of control, the world leaders hurtle blindly toward the final confrontation.



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