Mixed Blood (1984)

Mixed Blood (1984)

Directed by: Paul Morrissey

Stars: Marília Pêra, Richard Ulacia, Linda Kerridge

Language: English

Country: France | Ar: 16:9 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Cocaïne

Description: Brazilian drug dealers in the lower east side of Manhattan start a war with a rival gang of Latino drug dealers. Their soldiers are Latino kids all under 17 because, as Rita La Punta says, “They can kill and not go to jail.” The war escalates to include their German heroin supplier, his sexy English girl friend, a Puerto Rican ex-cop, and the Japanese police captain. This movie is about racism, police corruption, junkies and drug dealing. There is plenty of killing and even a visit to a store dedicated to the Latino pop group “Menudo.”



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