Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

Title: Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

Directed by: Joe D’Amato

Actors: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti and Nieves Navarro

Language: English

Country: France

Also known as: Bloody Track, Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali, Emanuelle prisonnière des cannibales, I Emmanouela ston kosmo ton kannivalon, Trap Them and Kill Them, Viol sous les tropiques

Description: While doing undercover work in a mental hospital, Emanuelle discovers a girl who seems to have been raised by a tribe of amazonian cannibals. Intrigued, Emanuelle and friends travel deep into the Amazon jungle, where they find that the supposedly extinct tribe of cannibals is still very much alive, and Emanuelle and her party are not welcome visitors.



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