Diary of a Serial Killer (1995)

Directed by: Otto Chan

Stars: Kwok-Pong Chan, Farini Cheung, Ka-Kui Ho

Language: Cantonese | Subtitles: English

Country: Hong Kong | Dvdrip

Also known as: Guang Zhou sha ren wang zhi ren pi ri ji

Description: Based on actual events that took place in Guangzhao’s, Wong Po village in 1991-1996. During five years of terror Li Wenxian raped and murdered thirteen women, mostly prostitutes. Li told authorities he was seeking revenge for a prostitute who cheated him. Lau Shu-bill (Chan Kwok-Bong) is a serial killer. He murders prostitutes in very nasty ways.He wants to dispatch these filthy women, releasing them from their misery and giving them a better shot in the next life. This HK sickie is very well-made and has some rather unpleasant scenes of sexual violence and butchery. There is also plenty of sleazy sex to satisfy fans of exploitation cinema.Chan Kwok-Bong is frighteningly realistic as a sicko killer. The film is not for everyone, but if you’re into extreme Asian cinema give this one a look.



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