Bello come un arcangelo (1974)

Directed by:Alfredo Giannetti

Stars: Lando Buzzanca, Orazio Orlando, Stella Carnacina

Language:English, Italian 192Kbps (2tracks)

Country: Italy | Dvd9

Also known as: The Handsome Devil

Description: Tano is an attractive sales representative who falls in love with Marianne, young daughter of the lawyer Pantaleo Fortis, said Totonno. The different social backgrounds of the two families, however, will put their love to the test, so that Tano is forced to invent a ploy to infiltrate the family Fortis: pretending, in fact, be an old childhood friend of Totonno. Once accepted into the nucleus familiareTano remains embroiled in a whirlwind of love relationships that involves not only Marianna, but also the sister of a servant Totonno and very attractive .


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