Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut (1966)

Directed by: Manfred R. Köhler

Stars: Frederick Stafford, Chris Howland, Geneviève Cluny

Language: English

Subtitles: English (were needed)

Country: Germany | dvdrip

Also known as: Formula C-12 Beirut, Agent 505 – The Trap Door Falls in Beirut, La trappola scatta a Beirut, Agent 505 – Todesfalle Beirut

Description: A couple of beautiful girls are murdered while sunbathing at a luxury hote. The killer too is murdered, but able to reveal – before dying- that they were disposed of because the “knew too much”. Something bad is being planned in Beirut, and it has something to do with a man called The Sheikh, who has only four fingers. It seems this isn’t a lone incident. The Sheikh is also thought to be behind the assassination of several prominent scientists.



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