Live Like a Cop Die Like a Man (1975)

Directed by: Ruggero Deodato

Stars: Marc Porel, Ray Lovelock and Adolfo Celi

Language: Italian, English (2 tracks) | Subtitles: English

Country: Italy | dvdrip

Also known as: Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore , Brigada Suicida, Eiskalte Typen auf heißen Öfen, Iskalla typer på heta bågar, Kylmät tyypit, kuumat raudat, Motosyklettistes enantion tis mavris symmorias, The Terminators

Description: At a cafe, two extremely good-looking young gentlemen, Fred (Marc Porel) and Tony (Ray Lovelock) are having coffee. Both have sugar while one has decaf. Save the expected street noise, it is a quiet afternoon in Rome. The noise at the cafe’s pinball machine attracts the attention of Fred and Tony who then become fixated with the two men surrounding it. Tony puts a silencer on a pistol and covers it with a newspaper. Fred follows suit. The pinball game comes to an end, and the men occupying its space enter the street. A van makes an abrupt stop outside. The van speeding is assumed from the stop. A misdemeanor at most. The two men at the cafe join another in the street. Fred and Tony pull their pistols and kill a man sitting alone in a car and a man standing reading a newspaper, respectively. The three men in the street don hoods and pull weapons. Without any hooded figure firing a shot, two of the group of hooded three are killed by Tony and Fred near the van. The lone survivor of the van group (but not for long) attempts on foot to escape in the crowded street. Tony cracks an adept shot to his head; and the final corpse hits the asphalt, and blood streams making a large pool. Cue soft acoustic ballad (sung by lead actor Ray Lovelock). Fred starts his motorcycle and Tony hops on the back. The two leave. Sound like murder?



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