La ciudad al desnudo (1989)

Directed by: Gabriel Retes

Actors: Damián Alcázar, Pedro Altamirano and Martin Barraza

Language: Spanish

Country: Mexico

Also known as: La ciudad para vivir, Pandilleros en la ciudad al desnudo

Description: A gritty tale of survival set against a city ripe with violence and corruption. The Naked City tells the tale of Alfonso and Aurelia, who with their infant daughter flee the scene of a traffic accident they inadvertently caused, leaving several people seriously injured. On the run, they check into a hotel in a different part of town. By coincidence, or fate, the hotel is about to be attacked by a violent gang, who resume to hold everyone hostage, moving room to room, raping, killing and brutalizing the guests. When they come to Alfonso’s and Aurelia’s room, the young couple must face tough choices, to fight at the risk of losing their lives, or succumb to their attackers perversions.



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